• Pederson Bros., Inc Fender

    Pederson Bros., Inc Fender

Pederson Bros., Inc

The Pederson lift axle fender offers protection for highway tractors, logging trucks, and other vocational vehicles. Durable and lightweight fenders are available in two different designs: aluminum centers with rubber edges or one piece polished aluminum with formed edges, both sides.

Kits are available with or without fenders, for forged or fabricated axles, having Eaton or Meritor brakes with front or rear mounted cam shafts. Simplicity of design and a minimal amount of parts means easy installation.

Fenders available in stock for the following tire sizes:
•255/70R - 22.5
•275/80 and 295/75R - 22.5
•11R - 22.5
•275/80 and 295/75R - 24.5
•11R - 24.5